jordan_c_price (jordan_c_price) wrote,

Adventures in CS5

Last week I upgraded my OS to Show Leopard and my Creative Suite to CS5. So far everything's playing nice together, except for some of the OnOne Photoshop plugins I use, but they say the new versions will be ready soon. So here's what I have for my Victor Bayne model today.

The original pic - wearing a better shirt than usual...typical scowl.

Here I plunked him into a random background, which I ended up liking more than I thought I would. The direction of the light source works with the picture. I gave it a tint so he looked like he was under fluorescent lights. I liked what my lighting alterations did to his arms. You can really see how he's clenching his fists. The composition's kinda nice too.

Especially fabulous was the ease with which I could select his hair. Look how natural he looks against that background! No ugly cutout Photoshop-head.

There was also a big red forklift I magically disappeared. Yay.
Tags: cover art
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