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Packing Heat 102: Fleshing Out

Packing Heat is a podcast I've been putting out since 2008. My goal is to help other writers stay motivated, and to encourage them to take their writing to the next level. You don't need special gadgets to listen; Packing Heat plays in your browser, like YouTube. These are this week's show notes:
(ps - I usually post on Wednesday morning but I'm experimenting with posting Tuesday night so my morning is open for writing!)


Nobilis' book Scouts is out in paperback at the end of this month. Pre-order autographed copies via this link.

Heather Boyd's novella One Wicked Night is out. She says she was inspired to write it because of this show!

I got my butt in gear and submitted a flash fiction to an anthology.

Fleshing out

It’s a lot easier to overwrite and trim stuff out of your work later. But, sometimes you need to flesh your writing out. Why?

Repurposing a story

Having a story that’s incorrectly paced

Having a story that’s too sparse


For business purposes, sometimes you want to make a story longer if you will make more money that way. Your publisher might have a price break very close to your wordcount, and it would make sense to try to get into the category with the higher cover price. However, I recommend you don’t add empty words for the sake of increasing your wordcount. People will notice! Be sure to add content!


How do you do it?

See if there’s anything that seems rushed. Slow down scenes that go by too quickly

If you need to add characterization, try to double up on something already there.

Or, decide if an entirely new scene would be helpful. That scene might further multiple aspects of your story, like theme and characterization, or setting and atmosphere.

Your Assignment

Determine what the key scene is in your story. Did you linger there? Should you, either to add to the suspense, or add to the payoff?

Listen to the episode right in your browser at PackingHeat.net (19 minutes)

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