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Massage your brain

Today I was a to-do list goddess. I powered through it.

I think I also worked for 15 hours which is probably not good. I feel a bit loopy and I have a headache. But I got a lot done!

I gave the CD Increase Your Creativity a try today. Mind you, I regularly listen to subliminal audio, hypnosis audio, affirmation audio, you name it, so I already like these types of things. When I was in grad school I helped out a psychology student who was testing the effects of relaxation tapes on various personality types, and I've been hooked ever since. (And I love it now that I have MP3s. Woo hoo!)

There's not much literature with the disk. Okay, not any. But the back of the box says I can "hurtle past creative blocks simply by replenishing your brain with Alpha and Theta waves. Just slip on your headphones, close your eyes, and relax. As your brain is gently massaged into balance, intellect and creativity integrate and you enter the remarkable state known as cross-hemispehric thinking. Creative blocks dissolve."

I didn't exactly use it as directed. I have really nice speakers on my writing computer with a big subwoofer on the floor, and I blasted it through there. Seeing as how I've been using hypnosis audio for 20 years, I didn't really expect to be transported. But I did feel like it was less of a big deal to be working on the project that's been giving me a lot of anxiety, noticeably so. And it drowned out the shrieking children outside. Bonus!

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