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More Marketing

More Marketing
I got an awesome email from a reader who told me what kept her interested in my marketing:
  • Opt in (not unsolicited)
  • Regular and consistent
  • Multiple channels of content
  • Easy to find
  • Not spammy
Meta Tags
Another listener mentioned a couple of quick things that will raise the search engine ranking of your webpage:
Alt text for images
Meta keywords

I'll add another:
Title your pages

Your assignment
Look at the code of a publisher or author who you think markets themselves successfully, and see what their keywords are. What are some keywords you might use for your site, and how would they attract your target audience? To do this in Firefox, go View>Page Source. In other browsers it might be something like view>code. The meta tags will be up toward the top between the two head tags.

I looked at one of my favorite authors -- NO meta tags. In fact, her head tag wasn't even closed properly.
I looked at Tor.com and they used only four -- Tor.com, science fiction, fantasy, sf. I can't imagine it's useful to have your URL as one of your tags -- it's already your URL. Maybe I'm wrong about that; I'm no SEO expert. Let me know if it's a good practice to have your URL as one of your description tags.

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