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Writing tips are funny things. You don't really hear them until you're in a spot where you need to hear them. The key is putting ourselves in that spot as often as possible. Here are three tips I brought home from WisCon.

Here's the podcast

1. Instead of setting yourself a wordcount goal, imagine what needs to happen in the next section you'll write. It's a much more tangible goal to sit down and accomplish. A wordcount goal is pretty abstract when you think about it. (I do think you can do this in combination with a wordcount goal, but that the wordcount is secondary to the action that needs to take place.)

2. When you're stuck, try working the problem out in longhand. Handwriting comes from a different part of the brain than typing. I've really found it to be true that I come up with surprising solutions to "stuck" parts when I work out the problem in longhand. I need to use this technique more.

3. Submit in fives. Try to submit stories and queries to markets that take multiple submissions and send them in batches of five. It's a lot easier than working up the steam to do them one at a time.

Your Assignment

Read some how-tos. Try Writer or Writer's Digest magazines, or the following sites:

See what kind of tips resonates with you. Maybe even re-read some of your older writing advice books. You may discover something new that you weren't in a place to absorb before.

Do you have a good non-commercial site you turn to for writing advice and inspiration? Share it in a comment on the Packing Heat blog!


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Evidently a one dollar charge was declined by my expired credit card, and instead of alerting me to update it, Godaddy deleted three years of work. I am in the process of trying to get it restored, but it's a pain in the ass and I am NOT happy.

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