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Various things I'm up to

Here's how I'm ending 2008, a decent year in all. Maybe sometime I'll write up a more philosophical post on how I think the year went for me. Right now, I don't have much perspective. It's like hanging up posters and not knowing if they're straight or not because I'm too close to see.

A bizarre illness that I thought was an ear infection sent me packing to the doctors. I hate going in, even though my doctor is nice, calm, competent and funny. I think because I hated my childhood physician, who was a brusque, dismissive jerk. Anyway, no ear infection, possibly a sinus thing, but I'm supposed to be on the lookout for weird rashes as the pain pattern on one side of my head was typical of shingles. (And if you don't know anyone who's had shingles, it's a horribly painful virus that lasts forever unless you treat it immediately with antivirals.) I should probably make sure I don't see any weird rashes now.

My mother is now obsessed with my self-publishing sales numbers. I told her I'm not going to take tallies every couple of days because I'm just too darn busy. Her excitement is fun, though.

My art computer's acting weird. Yesterday the bluetooth keyboard wigged out and started typing all in symbols. I backed everything up, repaired permissions and threw out preferences. But still, I'm concerned. I have been meaning to upgrade the OS but have been stalling because I think I'll need to find new drivers for my scanner and laser printer if I do so. And probably my DDR pad. (I assume my tablet and newer printer will be supported already, but who knows?)

I'm in love with Adrien English. I waited so long to read the series because I was worried I'd start picking up Josh's prose style, but I don't think so. Adrien and Vic are both smart alecks, but they're very different, dissimilar enough that cross-contamination won't be an issue. I'm midway through book 2 and what's grabbing me is that Adrien is easily smart enough to know better about getting involved with Jake but he just can't help himself. I'm a little chagrined that I know where the relationship eventually heads from reading the big, wailing spoilers. (And by the way, I read at the speed of a third-grader--no kidding, I've tested it--so please, no spoilers.)

I'm running late with the Channeling Morpheus followup and need to pump out some wordcount. But I have a feeling something's simmering under the surface of this story--something always is in this storyverse, otherwise I could summarize the plot with "everyone f*cks and some vampires die"--but I'm not entirely sure what the "something" is. Seeing as how the story's half done, I may need to figure it out. Or I made need to finish it and then figure it out.

And I think we're supposed to go to Target today because the male in the house has deemed the thing that hangs from the showerhead to hold the soap and shampoo "gross." I suspect I noticed it was falling apart, but then ignored it. Because I was probably writing stories in my head.

I need to put out today's podcast with him home from work. That should be tons of fun. (Not.)

What miscellanea of things do YOU need to do today?


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Dec. 31st, 2008 10:52 am (UTC)
Happy New Year - a little early

I hope it's not shingles, my dad had that and he was absolutly miserable for a long time

It's the Adrien English series great? And I doubt you'll cross contaminate
Book 2 is my favorite
Shame you got spoilers

I need to get a plumbing issue fixed, well it was just fixed but there is a slow leak and that's getting fixed today
I need to go grocery shopping as all I have in my fridge is a pizza box filled with crust. I just moved so I'm serious when I say that's all that's in it
But it's snowing and the roads are really slick
That's my exciting day
Dec. 31st, 2008 10:57 am (UTC)
I spaz out about getting home repairs done. And my guy for some reason doesn't know how to interface with repair people. So we usually have lots of repairs that need to happen, that neither of us is willing to deal with.

Your box full of pizza crust may turn up in Crash's fridge. That sounds like him.
Dec. 31st, 2008 02:50 pm (UTC)
LOL I usually like the crust but this time I just passed on it
And it seems my trip to the grocery store has been postponed.
Slippery roads and blowing snow
Oh well, popcorn is an acceptable meal right?

Hope you have a great and wonderful new year
Dec. 31st, 2008 10:01 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're liking the Adrien English mysteries so much. Adrien has such a great character voice -- and I know I was one of the people who reassured you that Adrien and Vic were really very different from one another. *g* I think of Adrien as someone you'd love to have as a friend.

I like different books in that series for different reasons. I liked Fatal Shadows and The Hell You Say for the mysteries. I really enjoy stories with occult aspects, and I think that's part of the reason I liked The Hell You Say so much. Also in those, Adrien has more of a personal stake in the mysteries -- it's his friends and employees, and his store, that are being threatened. I liked A Dangerous Thing and Death of a Pirate King for the relationship -- I wasn't as caught up in the "whodunnit" part of things as I was in what was going to happen with Adrien and Jake. That's my opinion.

I'm glad you had a good year. :) Happy New Year.
Jan. 1st, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
You did indeed reassure me against cross-contamination. I wonder if people rush to call Vic and Adrien similar because they're both blue-eyed black-haired guys with gigantic boyfriends. Other than that, which is just physical stuff, I think they're very different. Poor Vic with his 10th grade education.

Come to think of it, Adrien actually does remind me of my friend Mike from high school, smart and sharp-tongued. :D

Happy New Year to you, too! I hope '09 is good to you.
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