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Writing After Not-Writing

I took a little break from writing. First, because I had a bunch of stuff to edit, typeset and format if I ever wanted other people to be able to read it, and second because it was then the holidays and had to drive through snowstorms to see the in-laws. I figured that when I had a chance to sit back down and pick up my projects, I'd be raring to go.

And I wasn't.

Scary feeling, being so consumed with other things that the urge to write is simply gone. I had things to work on; Zero Hour's dangling somewhere, and I'll need to get that in shape by the time my January newsletter comes out. The sequel to Channeling Morpheus needs to get to my editor by early January. And there's a rewrite I really want to start on because I think that manuscript might find a home this time around. But the drive, the urge, the flow? It was just gone.

My first day off work where I had no excuse not to write was Christmas Eve (and it was snowstorming here yet again. We've gotten over 40" of snow so far this season.) My SO was at work and I sat down to write, fiddled with the words that were already there to try to re-immerse myself in the story, and finally, excruciatingly, got some new words down. After about an hour and a half I checked wordcount. I'd written around 400 words.

I was distraught. They were pretty good words, but still. That's slow. Even for me. (I'm a painfully slow writer and reader.)

I told myself not to panic, and that if I could revisit the keyboard two more times and get 400 words out those times too, it'd be a fairly respectable day. I podcasted about it here. Then I got a call form the SO that he was getting let out of work at noon due to the snowstorms. (Actually, he said, "Tell your boyfriend to go home." Is he funny, or what? *Eyeroll*)

I did eventually revisit the keyboard several times throughout the day. And I think I wrote 1000 words or so on Christmas Eve. But on Christmas, when I sat down to write, the magic happened. I was back inside my story, deep down in my gut, to the point where if I was not at the keyboard, I was walking around with that blank look on my face that means I'm really not present; I'm still in my story. And I could do this because we'd done all our traveling the weekend before and it was just us. Evidently my "boyfriend" had left. Or maybe it hadn't. Maybe my writing's my illicit boyfriend on the side. And man, I'd missed him.


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Dec. 27th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
Good to hear!
It's such a gorgeous feeling when the words are exciting you and demanding your every thought and emotion.

I spent my first day alone on my Xmas writing break, but my sister's house was so f*g cold I could barely write, even *with* the heating on. I left in tears in the end, with 1500 words under my belt for 4 hours work and over 2 short stories. NOT in the plan! LOL
Tomorrow I'm borrowing a friend's house instead, much nearer and warmer, so we'll see ^_~
Dec. 27th, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
1500 is not bad (in my world) for 4 hours work, but then again, I'm not a fast writer or reader, like I said. Not that it's a race or anything. If I were only capabale of, say, 500 words to show for a whole day of writing, then I'd even have to accept that as my word count.

I know that you mean about not being able to write when it's cripplingly cold. I had a flat like that, where unless you were directly next to the heater, it was atrociously cold all winter long. I had company once offer to pay me to turn up the heat!

Good luck at your friend's house! I wish you a joyous word count :D

(And write that vampire story sometime...I'm dying to see it.)
Dec. 27th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear that you got your groove back. I was well aware that you had a lot of editing and formatting going on at once, but I know you were looking forward to getting back to writing. The holidays are a very distracting time. We have our big family celebration in January, so I know I'll be more caught up in it before then. I hope the writing continues to flow for you. And have a Happy New Year!
Dec. 27th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
I had a day job shift today that interrupted the fragile, newfound flow big-time. But I had a random realization on the way home that was probably good to know. I'll need to do some re-writing before I progress with the Wild Bill/Michael shenanegans.

You have a Happy New Year as well! I find it a more palatable holiday than Christmas. Completely secular, filled with hope, and booze all around. ;-)
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