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Writers' Productivity

I was inspired by an article in the April 07 issue of The Writer magazine. Ok, well, it kinda made me feel like a lazy shit. But then it inspired me to plug away harder at my jobs.

It’s called: Want to be Productive? Start a ‘Treadmill’ Journal. In looking back at it, I dunno what “treadmill” has to do with it, other than plodding. Here’s the gist. Keep a log in which you write down the day and time, how long you plan to work, what you’ll work on, how you feel it went, and what you plan to do tomorrow. (It also advises writing three hours a day, six days a week, on top of your day job. I’ll readily admit: I’m not there yet.)

Since I already schedule writing things in iCal, I decided to do some record keeping in there, since one more journal or list or physical slip of paper could very well kill me.

Did it work? I dunno. I really do let myself wander around the house freaking out and not-writing if I’ve got extenuating circumstances. The first one was losing access to my online banking service for being a pornographer. Then a few days later I found out my car is wheezing its last gasps. I guess I’m an emotional wreck who can’t sit at the keyboard while being crushed by the weight of the world. Seriously, though. I can write through minor annoyance, but I can’t write through major upset.

But on the days when I wasn’t having big bombs dropped on me, I did get some stuff written that I might not have otherwise. And a lot of it was me muttering, “Write, dammit,” and writing something because I just couldn’t face blowing off iCal. Ya know, that and the deadline for a novella looming.

Today, the “write, dammit” approach only got 800 words out of me, though I did have other projects that stole some of my time (greeting cards, and literacy stories). Meh. I wish I were more prolific.

Anyway, check out Gregory Martin’s article in The Writer. It’s worth reading.

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