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Morpheus Review

This is one of those reviews that leaves me hoping I don't get a fat head, and crash and burn under the weight of it. (I see I have no Payback icon...I'll use one from later in the series)

"Payback" is the first book in the bold new Channeling Morpheus series by Jordan Castillo Price, author of the PsyCop novels. I'll say up front that this is the kind of book you'll want to read more than once because the writing is so stellar you're bound to miss a lot of good stuff on your first pass.

Now...if my comments read like a five-year-old child's, keep in mind that I don't have children. I'm just that excited. "Bold new series" makes me go "wow!"

The writing in "Payback" is absolutely top-notch. How it manages to be both spare and descriptive is beyond me but there's not a wasted word to be found anywhere in the story.

What a neat comment! I think I like this because when I was younger, I dug wordier authors who used a lot of Baroque vocabulary. And then as I learned how to write, I realized that what I liked more was a story where the prose was simple enough to disappear. That if you found an oddball word, it was so apt that it couldn't possibly have been anything else. And that common words could be used in new and interesting ways.

So the "spare and descriptive" part really made my day!

The rest is here at Rainbow Reviews!

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