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And just a quick update on the speech-recognition software.

I got my copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I bought the most stripped-down, basic version for about $50 on eBay. It came with a headset. Technically, my laptop needs more RAM to run it, but I thought I'd see if it worked anyway.

It took a little while to install, but after I read a very short training piece, it worked. It just, simply, worked. The free headset is perfectly adequate, even when my air conditioner is cycling on and off 5 feet from my office.

Funny, when I initially purchased iListen, I remember reading reviews that said, "Oh, yay, finally a Mac voice recognition software where you don't have to speak one word at a time. You can speak naturally. It works great!" Then, after iListen became MacSpeech, I decided to research the difference between the two to see if I should upgrade, it seemed like all I found were posts and articles that said, "Shit, iListen's a dog. Don't waste your time on it."

I agree with the second thing I found, BTW. iListen is a dog. But what gives? Was it just that iListen was so much better than the speech recognition of 5 years ago, but still flawed? Or is it just that you see what you're looking for more often than not? (I mean, I didn't google "iListen sucks" specifically. But still.)

MacSpeech would have still had me as a customer if they didn't time-limit their upgrade process so severely. Even if it was just a token nod to the fact that I'd once paid full price for their software, any sort of discount would probably have encouraged me to keep trying.

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