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Site Update

I've updated the PsyCop website based on the statistic that people actually visit my "about the author" page more than they do even the free erotic stories. Who knew?

I had a conversation with my new dentist that really got me to thinking, though. His office is highly computerized. They even have digital x-rays. He was telling me that he makes sure that he doesn't get to involved in the process of the computers. He wants to know how they work, what they can do, and then if something gets goofed up in there a computer expert can come out and fix it. He is a dentist, and he needs to be learning about the advances in dentistry rather than training himself to fix his own computer.

It was kind of an a-ha moment for me. That's why we specialize. And that's why I pay someone else to mow my lawn, someone who's actually good and it and doesn't struggle all day to get it right.

Maybe someday I can have someone else deal with the business end of my writing. It'll be nice. Not that it isn't fun and exciting as I try to take baby steps in my writing career, but I'm sure there are people out there who can provide services for me like web design, book design and promotion that would be a lot better at it than I am, and who would then leave me more time to actually write.

That said, I have a new computer which doesn't have Dreamweaver, the web program I'm been using, on it. And so I'm having to learn Go Live. And I'm very proud to say I did successfully update my site after altering it in Go Live--I swear, the technical problems here get so thick that I get happy just getting the FTP to hook in.

Deep breaths. Someday a professional can do this ;-)

here's the update

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