jordan_c_price (jordan_c_price) wrote,

Important notice: All Romance eBooks is closing

Two days ago, All Romance eBooks announced that it was closing its doors Midnight December 31 (no time zone was given). If you purchased books there and have not backed them up, you'll want to do that ASAP.

Right now, their site is overwhelmed by readers scrambling to back up their libraries on such a short notice. My books are no longer for sale on the site, but I have not removed my books from the ARe system so readers who have previously purchased can get their backup copies. HOWEVER, this morning a reader informed me the site is so congested she couldn't download anyway.

If you can't retrieve backups of any books of mine you purchased through ARe, I will gladly replace them. Send proof of purchase to sales [at] and let me know which file type, and I'll respond within 24 hours.


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