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Abandonment Issues

Bringing Down the House

Recently I read "what's the scariest thing you've ever done?" My first thought was, "I flew a plane." That was so frightening I barely remember it. And yet I think it wasn't actually the scariest-scariest thing, because there was a guy in the co-pilot seat who knew what he was doing.

In 2010 I explored a couple of abandoned houses with my friend Amy. That was super scary. Like, so scary my ears were ringing and I tasted metal. House 1 - House 2.

My Channeling Morpheus series features plenty of crumbly, abandoned things. I suspect the characters are not nearly as spooked by the experience of poking through the ruins as I was. I guess they're used to it.

If you haven't yet read this hot encounter in an abandoned house, come grab your copy of Heaven Sent! You don't need to have read the rest of the series to enjoy it--though if you haven't yet sampled Channeling Morpheus, I hope it'll entice you to explore it further!

Heaven Sent

The Midwest is full of huge gaps where things once thrived, until the Interstate landed…somewhere else. Wild Bill and I found this house between cornfields in the middle of Iowa. “Watch out for busted needles, Mikey,” Bill had warned me. “This was a squatter’s paradise. Once.”

Only one bedroom had miraculously survived the warp and rot that took the rest of the house. It was before dusk when I woke there, squeezed in a little kid’s bed. I pried myself out from between Bill and the wall and scratched my stubble. I needed a shave, which wasn’t gonna happen. No electricity, no water. I fingered sleep and old eyeliner from the corner of my eye, pulled a strand of hair out of my mouth, and blinked. Cowboy sheets. What more could we want?

Wild Bill was still fast asleep. He tells me that what you see in the movies, about vampires being dead while the sun is high, is all a load of crap. He says he’s just a very deep sleeper.

I pressed my ear to his chest and listened to the slow, deep thrum of his heart. No, not dead. Just sleeping for all he was worth.

When I shifted back and pressed my lips to his stomach, his skin was cool. He needed to feed, but not from me. One man’s marrow couldn’t keep up with the demand, so he’d drink from a stranger, then follow it up with a chaser from me. This solution wasn’t ideal, but it was the best we could come up with.

I stroked Bill’s stomach with my cheek. My breath warmed his skin for a moment. Something shifted under my shoulder. Wild Bill might sleep deeply, but part of him was waking up early.

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