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The Awesomeness of Seattle

I'm back and somewhat recovered from my sojourn in Seattle where I participated in the Gay Romance Northwest Meetup. I can't say enough good things about GRNW and the way they're connecting bookstores and libraries with gay romance. Even more importantly, they're informing a public who presumes they are simply not represented in books that yes, it's now OK for the gay protagonists to have their HEAs.
(Getting ready for our keynote with EE Ottoman, Rick Reed, me and Radclyffe)

Out of respect for folks who may not have wanted their pic online, I daubed out all the detail, but I just wanted to say hooray and look at the fantastic turnout for our keynote! We had a veritable mob show up at our University Book Store reading the night before, seriously, it was at least 60 people, standing room only, and customers coming over to see what we were doing and why we were having so much fun. (Note to self: bring more books next time.)
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