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Hey, I know that guy

How exciting. I have my panelist assignments for WisCon, and the moderator of one of my panels is an author I've read before. I was cruising his Wikipedia article and went, "Wait a minute, I remember that story." And I remembered it because it was strange and haunting and poignant. So, yay! I'll get to meet him!

The author is Richard Bowles, and the story, There's a Hole in the City, is available for free here.

I will also get to meet catherineldf, who will be on the first panel with me. Wow, I hope I don't go into overwhelm mode. I"m such a hermit.

Here are my panels:

Balancing Creativity And The Day Job
"Unfortunately, most of us can't support ourselves with our prose, nor do we have patrons who pay our bills for us. So how do you cram a nine-to-five job, a commute, exercise, writing, a personal life, errands, chores, entertainment, and adequate sleep into a twenty-four hour day without totally losing your mind? "

Is LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy In Trouble?
Meisha Merlin closed last year. Haworth has shut down its fiction imprint. Carroll and Graf is out of business. Circlet is in trouble. More mainstream GLBT publishers are often disinterested in science fiction and fantasy. E-book publishers are often open to m/m and m/m/f paranormal erotica and romance but what about f/f or trans themes? Let's talk about the current state of GLBT sf/f publishing and where it seems to be headed.


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May. 14th, 2008 09:08 am (UTC)
Sorry this is off-topic, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Channelling Morpheus, and because I'm on LJ myself, I'm nipping in here to talk to you! LOL

Maybe I was drawn in the first place by that superbly striking cover, but I like to read an excerpt before I buy just to get a flavour of the author's style, and *then* I buy *lol*. No problem here, though, as soon as I read the blurb I grabbed with both hands! And I wouldn't describe myself as a regular vampire fan...

I loved every word of it! Tight, tense writing and I was there with Michael all the way for a great, gripping, suspenseful ride. Didn't want it to end, I wanted more of them all.
I loved Michael of course - I could identify with his mission and his nerves and his excitement. But I loved the way you wrote the vampire, especially the way Michael wasn't immediately sure who to trust and who not to, and the way they were all as equally excited and affected during the sex scene. And the sex scene was a treat for me, hot of course, but not full of hackneyed dialogue and moves - all 3 of them and their reaction and feelings were clear, and separate, and steamy!
I wish I could express myself better - got to work on this amateur reviewing thing LOL - but I suppose overall, what I liked was plausible, sympathetic and sexy characters, very male, very full on, great dialogue and a lovely little twisted plot.

*am happy customer*

Hope you don't mind if I friend you on LJ. Say if you do, I don't mind.
Thanks again for sharing your fiction!
Clare :)
May. 14th, 2008 09:56 am (UTC)
Hi Clare! I wish EVERYONE was as off-topic as you :D

Seriously, though, I could sit here all day and listen to you saying my writing is tight and my men are very male. It's gratifying because you zeroed in on all the things I really work hard to figure out, things that I sometimes wonder if readers even notice. And then I get delicious comments like this and I go into "yay!" mode.

Please do friend me. I was just rambling on my podcast last night about how I love meeting people through blogs.

I haven't heard a lot of reaction to Channeling Morpheus yet, I think because it's only been out a few weeks. I think of it as the story that I assumed nobody would publish. Then I'd have to self-publish it and sell maybe 20 copies, and then it could crawl away and quietly die. I was tickled when Changeling said yes, and please make it a series.

Thanks so much for your comments!
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