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How boring am I?

It's the village-wide garage sale this weekend. You can have a garage sale whenever you want, but if you do it during this chamber of commerce designated time, you get yourself on a map and you get a lot more traffic. I've never held one, myself. Seems like a pain. But I have a list of stuff I need, so I may as well go look. We'll also use it as an opportunity to create a "free" pile of stuff we no longer want, and garage salers can just take it. Thinking about putting one of our outdoor chaise lounges there. They came with the house, and Pete has not sat in it once in the past seven years. And we'll put our grill that only half-works out there and treat ourselves to a new grill. We never liked that grill from day one.

I have an aerobics class in an hour but it's gonna be a struggle to get myself to go, since I took a day off the day-job today and don't need to go into town. I see an old lady gunning for the spot where I like to stand, though, so I'd better go and even be on time if I want to preserve my territory. Then I can go to the hardware store so it's not a frivolous, one-stop trip.

(I'm having allergies. I want to sit here and write. Maybe I can just let myself stay home sometime. I really am nervous about losing my spot, though. So today isn't that day.)

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