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Puzzling out Vic

Hot on the heels of yesterday's riveting 999-piece puzzle post, here's a quick link to the free content from my March newsletter in case you missed it: a groovy online Victor Bayne puzzle!
(Someone told me they'd done the hard one...who was that? Post again, I meant to reply to you...)

Easy Puzzle

Hard Puzzle

ETA: Okay, I've done it! The hard one took me 12 minutes 20 seconds.



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Mar. 19th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
It wasn't me that did it, but I just did. Took me nearly 15 minutes. It's a lot harder on hard... :D

Edited at 2012-03-19 12:41 pm (UTC)
Mar. 19th, 2012 08:57 am (UTC)
It's way harder on hard! I'll need to do it on hard and time myself--though not during my prime work time. All the test puzzles I did on easy took me only a few minutes.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 19th, 2012 12:50 pm (UTC)
I still haven't tried the hard one...maybe during my lunch break. I usually decompress with a puzzle game anyway, just not my own jigsaw.
Mar. 19th, 2012 09:42 am (UTC)
Well that was fun once I got the hang of it. Thanks Jordan.
Mar. 19th, 2012 12:50 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D
Mar. 19th, 2012 11:42 am (UTC)
It was fun! And I could finish it without a cat deciding to take a nap on it! ;)
Mar. 19th, 2012 12:51 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean. Maybe my 1000th piece stuck to a cat's butt and walked away.
Mar. 19th, 2012 12:14 pm (UTC)
Darn, there's a bug
I did the easy version, then went to the hard one. At one point I dragged a piece and clicked or let go at the wrong time and it disappeared. No prob, I thought, and finished the hard version . . . and couldn't find that one piece. It's like your 999 piece puzzle! I dragged the mostly-done puzzle around, hoping it would just be under the puzzle, but . . . no such luck. I didn't want to "Scatter" and start over.

This wasn't on purpose, was it? I don't believe so (given your other post ;-), but it reminded me of my brother one time hiding one piece so he could do the last one. Gah.

Anyway, I loved the puzzles, except for this one frustration. I'm not really a puzzle person at all, but this was fun and I like the artwork.

Mar. 19th, 2012 12:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Darn, there's a bug
Hi Kendall!!!
I noticed that if I accidentally swung a piece so that it "fell" out of the edge of the frame, it did something really buggy. I wonder if that's what happened to your missing piece? (I am very impressed that you managed to recreate my 999-piece puzzle experience digitally!)

I'm really tempted to steal that brother anecdote for fiction :D
Mar. 20th, 2012 01:03 am (UTC)
Re: Darn, there's a bug
Go for it. I think this runs in my family -- I think this or another sibling did it once and we didn't finish the puzzle or something, and the piece got lost (or turned up much, much later) or something. Geez, my memory sucks.

Anyway yeah I think that's what happened to my missing piece. (shaking fist at computer) ;-)

Amanda Corlies
Mar. 19th, 2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
LOL! It was harder on hard, huh? Okay, sorry. I couldn't help myself. Looking forward to trying it out. I was meaning to when I read the newsletter and then I forgot all about it. So, puzzles are in my future. Hugs! :D
Mar. 19th, 2012 05:48 pm (UTC)
Yep, hard is harder :D
Mar. 19th, 2012 06:23 pm (UTC)
The hard one took me 19 minutes *blushes* but I had fun :D
Mar. 19th, 2012 06:53 pm (UTC)
Hey, I entertained you for 19 minutes...that makes me really happy!

I think I had the advantage of having created the graphic, so it was easier for me to sort out the lettering parts, the peach painterly parts, the red crunchy parts.

I was a little distracted by one of the buildings in the background where I had a temp-job once, though.
Mar. 19th, 2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
Oh cool, it didn't even occur to me they are real buildings! And one that you have worked in too - double cool!
Mar. 19th, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
They are, that's the northern part of downtown Chicago where the river flows through.
Mar. 19th, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)
I did
I did the hard one in about 19 minutes...It was a lot of fun!!!

Thanks again for making it.

Kristi P
Mar. 19th, 2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
Re: I did
Yay! Thanks for checking in, it was making me crazy that I had someone I meant to reply to and couldn't find it. I think about 3 people reported 19 minutes, it must be the magical number :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Mar. 24th, 2012 06:58 am (UTC)
I haven't tried yet, but I will :D

I can also rec this place for puzzle making, the hard one there is REALLY hard
Mar. 24th, 2012 07:14 am (UTC)
That one makes a nice, smooth playing puzzle! (Everything I think to say about the HARD one sounds dirty. I'd be at it all day, it would keep me busy for a while, etc...)
Mar. 24th, 2012 07:39 am (UTC)
Hehe, I know the feeling
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