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More Alphasmart Geekage

I was organized enough yesterday to bring my AlphaSmart Dana to work so that I could pull off to the side of the road between two things that had a 40-minute gap, and get some writing done. There's a park there--nothing special, but there are picnic tables and a bathroom with sinks and flush toilets. It's a nice place to work three seasons out of the year. Sadly, right now it's buried under several feet of snow and the toilets are closed for the season. I go sit there anyway, even if I'm working in my car. It's close enough to my job.

I don't write on the AlphaSmart regularly. I think it's a matter of being organized and having it with me. So I spent a lot of time fiddling with it to see where the clock was. I couldn't find one, so I ended up having to turn on the car clock, which annoyed me. (It also annoyed me that I'd probably frittered away five minutes looking for a clock.)

I'm happy to report I found a free clock program, successfully downloaded and installed it, AND synched it to one of the one-touch keys so that even in the middle of writing, I can just hit one key and the clock will pop up. (I know, the analog view is nearly impossible to read inside that big Q, but there's also a digital readout across the bottom. I suck at reading numberless analog clocks anyway.) Installation and key assignment were shockingly easy. I assigned the "date" key to it since I don't use the datebook on the AlphaSmart. And conceptually, they seemed similar enough that I'll remember what I did three months from now.

My fantasy clock would be plain, large and easy to read. Most of the clock programs out there seemed to be super complicated, showing the times in 18 different cities, for example. I have something similar on the dashboard of my main computer for when I'm working with ephemeratales, for instance, but it's very simple and it only shows London. I don't need it on my AlphaSmart, which functions for me as a notebook that I transcribe via USB cable.

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