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I have a podcast.

I know bare minimum about how it works. Enough to put talking on the internets.

There's a reason for it. Dare I call it enforced ignorance? I had a conversation with my dentist once where he was telling me that his computer was acting up, and that he looked at it for just a few minutes and then called a professional. Because of course he could probably figure out what the problem was if he wanted to spend a bunch of time doing that, but wasn't his time better spent learning more about dentistry?

I thought, "Dude, I totally picked the right dentist. I scored. My last one was creepy."

I could probably go berserko and learn all there is to know about podcasting. Well, much of it, anyway. But I told myself there was a limit, and to learn the bare minimum and move on. One thing that's troubling me is lack of ability to analyze my traffic. I could move everything from where it is now to feedburner, but I don't want to spend the time & effort, have to learn a new system, and lose the listeners I'd lose from moving things. That would go against my "bare minimum" rule.

I can see which "articles" (which I'm taking to mean podcasts) are viewed in a week in a grid. Does this mean people who visit Packing Heat? What about people who subscribe to feeds? Or to iTunes.

I can also see total number of downloads. The more dirty words I say, the more a podcast gets downloaded. Heh. Boob tit ass dick.

The big puzzler is something called "trackbacks." I get a bunch of spam trackbacks from casino sites. (I don't totally know what a trackback is, but I'm thinking some kind of link that would theoretically come from a site related to yours that would funnel traffic around.) I guess that spammy sites just deluge every blog or podcast they can with all the trackbacks they can in hopes of increasing their Google rankings. I just decided to turn my trackbacks off. I've never had a legitimate trackback in 1/2 year of podcasting.

My big question was whether all this spam traffic was skewing my stats, and in actuality, a show that says it had 800 downloads was only heard by 5 people. I guess this shouldn't matter to me as long as I'm enjoying myself. I've had one of those multiple rejection weeks where I'm questioning everything.


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Mar. 7th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)
Well, it's hard for me to tell you how accurate your stats are, but I know how accurate the ones for our cast is. About 95%. What I like about Liberate Syndication, where my old cast (that I'm no longer a part of) and the soon to be solo cast are hosted. Libsyn's stats are great because not only do they show your downloads, but by which catcher they are being downloaded. It can tell how many are from iTunes, how many from direct site download and it gives you some nifty tracking charts to go off of.
Mar. 8th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)
It's good to know your stats are about 95% accurate. It lets me hope that mine aren't wildly off-kilter.
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