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ebook Q&A

This Thursday, I plan to roll out a novel that's dear to my heart and years in the making, Zero Hour!

Because I intend to leave the original draft online to read for free, I wanted to make the paid version significantly different. A whole lot of editing went into it to weave the story together more tightly and give several of the events a more logical cause and effect flow, but I wanted more than just a revamp of the text. And I decided the story had a Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland type of quality to it that was just crying out for illustrations.

With the book's formatting, getting the six illustrations to function the way I want them to across multiple platforms and devices has not been fun. I'm thinking I want to put a little extra information about "Which format should you buy?" so that readers can pick the format that best suits the way they see themselves using the file.

What types of things would you still wonder if I told you the following:

The mobi is optimized for Kindle viewing, and recommended if you will be reading on a Kindle, and can also be read on a desktop app such as Kindle for PC
The epub is optimized for Sony and Nook, and can also be read on iPad/iPhone or a desktop app such as Adobe Digital Editions
The PDF has higher resolution images best suited for reading on a computer, netbook or iPad (turns out the graphics won't show up on iPad, but the ePub works very well. Thanks for testing it, Andi!)



Jun. 27th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
I buy both the mobi format and also the PDF bc I use both my kindle and iPad to read on so I get both.
Jun. 27th, 2011 09:52 pm (UTC)
The mobi came out well right away. (At least something did, ha ha. The epub was a bitch.)

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