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My slip was showing

Thankfully an alert reader let me know that my "making of" section of The Starving Years has been pointing to December for the past two months! Nothing like writing a couple of long essays and NOT LINKING TO THEM.

January's Starving Years Writer's Notes (on shifting between big writing projects)

February's Starving Years Writer's Notes (on using research plausibly in fiction writing)


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Feb. 16th, 2011 01:40 pm (UTC)
just...classic JCP!
Jordan, BOTH posts were amazing.

First of all, I for one, second the Brief Encounters review!

Second, I also agree, and appreciate, your philosophy of quality over quantity. Given the reality of the situation (the possibility of additional $$$), it WOULD be easy to just spew it out there, and if you were lacking in personal integrity, I'm sure you WOULD do.

However, you aren't, so you don't, and we love you that much more FOR IT!

Your innate sense of the power of not just words, but the RIGHT words, enables you to create an incredible body of work that we, as readers, can't wait to pick up, and don't want to put down!

...and all this....self taught, she says...

Simply...Incredible! XO
Feb. 16th, 2011 02:34 pm (UTC)
Re: just...classic JCP!
*smushes you*
I need to go re-read the email you sent me after you finished PsyCop. That thing is a turbo-charged boost of confidence, m'dear.

Readers complain about lack of quality in the genre. Then they complain that I take too long between releases. I dunno, maybe the moral of that story is that people just complain all the time and I can't dwell on it or I'll go crazy.

How are YOU doing lately? Working on any cool projects?
Feb. 16th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)
Re: just...classic JCP!
Everything stated….

Nothing but the truth dear lady, nothing but the truth.XO

Yeah, people WILL complain about everything, no matter what you give them, so I say…pay them nooch!

It’s similar to the line, “Hollywood doesn’t know what they want until you give it to them.” You’ll hear that a story or an idea isn’t hot right now, then someone will write one that they can’t put down then – WHAM! – it’s hot all of a sudden. Whatever.

Write what you know and love, is the only thing I intend to do for the duration. Granted, that includes research to expand on the knowing part, but you get my drift.

Personally, two things have really got me stoked about writing again: meditation and journaling. For whatever reason, since I've been consistently doing them daily...WOW!

As for projects…*blush* wow, thanks for asking!

I’ve been whinging about following the leads of so many of my fave authors (yup, you’re on the list of course!) by embarking on the fanfic journey. The particular story I’m interested in is based on a cancelled 8 part UK series called Trinity.

Taking place at the 900-year-old Trinity College, this once upscale playground for the rich and affluent is opening its doors to "regular" students, including freshman Charlotte Arc. She enrolls to uncover what happened to her father, a professor at the college who mysteriously died just before the new semester. As she befriends other new students at the school, they begin to unveil a web of sinister activities within the halls of Trinity, involving sex, drugs, and secret societies, such as the peculiar Dandelion Club.

Here’s a thorough description that will do it justice…

…and the lovely website, complete with tasty visuals…

I love the context, love the characters, love the story. Though screenwriting is where my heart is, story is story. When I read so much of your stuff Jordan, TRULY, it "reads" like a movie in my head. Honestly.

The reason I’m taking the fiction vs. screenplay(script) approach is because I’d really like to practice simply working with story and maintaining character voice. I figured, with previously established characters, this would be somewhat easier. This particular kettle of worms, however, is chock-a-block with A LOT OF EVERYTHING so it’s totally overwhelming!!

Two things are staring me in the face at the mo’…

One, the main scientific mystery –The Project - isn’t fully explored or explained, so though it leaves a lot to the imagination, and it could be very easy to run the wheels off the wagon by being TOO ridiculous. There's a science there, but it's only partially mentioned so you don't really know the nuts and bolts or the "Big Picture" of what they're intending.

Two, they killed off one of the main characters in the only “visible” gay interest storyline...and the survivor isn't too long for this world either it seems so... : (

Granted, if the autopsy isn’t too thorough, perhaps I can resurrect him! LOL! I mean, Ross WAS something of a human guinea pig. Maybe he DID survive falling out of the window?

I did say I was whinging, right?

There are A LOT of storylines at once, and if I’m to pursue the m/m angle, I half to explore the nooks and crannies of what wasn’t shown or fully explored in the show. I’m watching them again in attempt to do just that, but it hasn’t been easy.

I also don’t have a lot of practice in POV, so I wanted one particular character to follow and, again, with all my gay boys falling by the wayside, it’s not going to be easy. I may end up having a few adults hopping the fence when no one’s watching! LOL!

That pretty much sums it up my current homework. Aren’t you glad you asked! : )
Feb. 16th, 2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
Re: just...classic JCP!
I am TOTALLY glad I asked! How interesting!

Personally, two things have really got me stoked about writing again: meditation and journaling. For whatever reason, since I've been consistently doing them daily...WOW!

I agree with you on the journaling to get the writing going! I've been thinking of doing The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron) intensive 12-week thing to open up to my own inner guidance, but it is a really big commitment to write three pages every morning. I think I don't want to commit to something that time consuming.

I'm fascinated that you've been doing meditation lately, too. I went to a meditation workshop to research GhosTV, but of course I didn't just sit there and stare at the group, I participated. I want to do a practice but I'm not 100% sure of the way I want to go. I'm kicking myself for not buying the instructor's CD because he doesn't sell it online, and I'd need to do a long drive to get a copy.

It might be that I want to sit quietly and play with some binaural sounds to manipulate my brain waves rather than do a yoga-style meditation or a guided meditation, I'm just not sure. Leaning toward brainwaves, though.

I’d really like to practice [with fanfic] simply working with story and maintaining character voice.

I think voice was the number one thing that got really sharp for me writing fanfic. I'd read other fanfic and think, "That doesn't sound right," and then I'd go back and pore over the shows to really nail the voice.

I've never let character death stop me from writing someone ;-)

I was able to put Trinity in my Netflix queue although I guess it's not available yet. I'll be excited to check it out :D
Feb. 16th, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC)
Re: just...classic JCP!
re: meditation

You're not a stranger to internet research J, and there are more than enough free sources of credible, authentic and legitimate information for you to create a practice that works for YOU!

Personally, I think you should follow your hunch and try sitting with binaural beats for a while to see if that works for you. Again, it IS a PERSONAL practice and if you want to stick with it, it should be something that you look forward to, no?

re: binaural or hemi-sync signals

Granted, proper entrainment periods using binaural beats or hemi-sync signals vary from person to person, so repeated listening is a must and patience is key. I tended to use hemi-sync more at night just before going to bed and, as you've already guessed - comfortable headphones can be a problem and I just end up yanking them off... after falling asleep. Repeatedly.

re: addressing personal issues

I think the combination sitting/meditating and journaling work well for me because they both help me with focusing and maintaining attention or awareness in the NOW. I say this because I've noticed that I spend a great deal of my mental time in the future or the past and I only check in for new past or future trajectories.

The "forced" mental quiet time with sitting gives me a break from the constant mental noise and chatter that I'm much more aware of now as well as the permission to let everything else go...and ...just...breathe. During that hour, I'm not responsible for ANY THING ELSE except being.

Any issues, problems or urgent matters will still be there when I'm done.

As for journaling, that you already understand. For me, it keeps me focused on what I'm "saying", feeling, or thinking and that attention helps me communicate each of those more...efficiently I guess you could say. That attention and awareness somehow creates a mental space where I have the room to choose the "best" way to express what's on my mind. Not to mention that fact that it creates the habit of following ideas and thoughts
to completion.

Again, because these are my particular issues,these techniques are working really well for me.

If time is an issue, try 15 meditating for minutes at a stretch, maybe twice a day. If nothing else, you'll know that you'll have 30 minutes of pure "jordan time" to look forward to.

I can imagine that your mind is ALWAYS working on something, so who knows what giving it a few minutes off a day will do for you.

I can't imagine that you could become any MORE efficient than you are now...but who knows! : )

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