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My neighbor was outside when I came around the house to see if I could find my dryer vent or not, and she seemed pretty amused at the idea of me going out there with snowshoes to try to unearth it. She said, "Come around here by my garage, that's the lowest point," and I kid you not, there was a five-foot drift next to me. On average I think I was walking on about four feet of snow, and each step I took sunk about a foot.

Without the snowshoes, forget it. Wouldn't have been able to make it even a couple of feet in. So they do work. (You can also see from my neighbor's fence that we're at the bottom of the hill, but that the snow filled it in straight across.)

Here, I found my vent and uncovered it, yay! And then I fell over. Boo. I floundered for quite a while--seriously, you don't realize how hard it is to stand up from a limbo-like position until every time you try to push yourself up, all that happens is your hand sinks. Then I decided to use my head. (Not literally...that would probably have been plan C, since my head has more surface area than my hand.) I put the snowshovel across the snow and pressed my hands into the flat of the scoop to lever myself into a standing position. Phew!

No, I don't plan on opening that back door anytime soon.

Now I can wash and dry my blanket. Yay!

(It looks like I fell spreadeagle, ha ha! That's just the way I used the shovel to push back onto my feet.)



Feb. 7th, 2011 11:37 am (UTC)
If it would magically not fall anywhere I needed to shovel or drive, I'd like it better!

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