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Time vs. Money

The other day I was researching the 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto Principle) when I stumbled across the message boards for the book The 4-Hour Workweek. At some point I had formulated the opinion that The 4-Hour Workweek book didn't interest me, because it was all about starting a business that could be outsourced to someone in a foreign country and raking in some money without working. But the message boards were really interesting.

Yes, some people were all about the outsourcing. However, there were also interesting discussions about how people choose to spend their time. How they deal with information overload, and the compulsion to read hundreds of articles about a subject they already thoroughly know just in case there might be a tiny nugget they can use in there, wasting hours per week on feed readers and newspapers and magazines. Compulsive data gathering to no end. Makework. The 80 percent of crap we do that yields little in return.

Sounded a hell of a lot like my corn vs. hops essay in my last newsletter.

I'm excited. While there may be parts of the book I disagree with, and while I'm already ahead of the curve because I already reached the breaking point and gave up the day job, I have a feeling that the book may articulate a few ideas that are knocking around my head half-formed.

One thread talks about having a "NOT to-do" list--what a cool idea! Also, so far the 4-Hour Workweek book seems to be more about gaining control over your time rather than contriving to make scads of money for its own sake...so maybe my initial impression of the ideas behind the book were just plain wrong. I suspect there was some hype about it that made me go "yuck" so I'm glad I stumbled over the message boards and changed my mind.

ETA: after I wrote this, I wasted about an hour reading an O Magazine I'd gotten from the bookmobile. WTF? I thought it used to have good articles in it and now it's page after page of makeup ads! Gr! That goes right no my Not To Do list!



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Nov. 2nd, 2010 01:07 am (UTC)
I was just thinking about TV--I'm kind of anti- anti-TV, in that I've known too many insufferable librarians brag about not watchingTV, which only meant they were culturally unaware. But honestly, since I had to cut the satellite dish, I've phased it out a lot, too.

I guess I find other things more interesting, like listening to audiobooks or reading. Shit...I sound like a librarian.

Ratings of any sort are brutal to check! I'm telling myself to NOT look at my goodreads ratings. I saw a glimpse of them when I was googling something else and I'm already dismayed that I saw in page summaries that Wishink Well's getting complained about. But I did not go look. I had a great wordcount day and I'm not willing to sabotage my writing juice by seeing how people are moaning about not liking my work.
Nov. 2nd, 2010 01:58 am (UTC)
I'd just be happy with a 4 day work week. 5 just seems a tad too long. Okay, maybe 3 days, or 2.5. :-) Of course I want my salary to stay the same. I'm not asking much am I?

I can't say there's much I want to cut out of my life (except that pesky work thing), but I don't find myself wishing I didn't have to do X or Y or deal with person Z every weekend. Perhaps because I live a fairly isolated life, I only have my daughter, I don't have family or friends here where I live, so I don't find myself sucked into situations of feeling obligated to do things, or resenting strains on my personal time.

Because I don't have live friends or family here, social networking is my social life. I remain in contact with friends (many of whom I have met in real life) through Facebook and Twitter and blogs. So for me right now it's not a time-suck or a waste of my time. Otherwise I'd be completely isolated but I don't really have any desire to got out and "make" friends. I like virtual reality because I can conform it to fit my time constraints and needs. Yeah, I'm a hermit. What can I say. :-)

However I think when people are feeling pushed to the edge, it's important to stop and say "what is important in my life?" and cut out all the crap that we can get caught up in doing.
Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:24 am (UTC)
I, also, already say "no" to things I don't want to do, and I notice that I get sucked in very infrequently. I think not living near family is my key, also.

When friends invite me to those "parties" where they're actually selling candles or some dumb stuff, I just say, "Oh, I never go to those," and refrain from laughing in their faces.

Weddings are hard. I strongly, actively dislike weddings. When people I don't know well invite me to their weddings, I have to refrain from wailing, "How can you do this to me???" I don't go, but even being invited is stressful.

It's not that I never want to do anything with other people, but that I want to do quality stuff with other people.
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