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It's Growing Fast!

Lately, I've been convinced that in-person research is the key to growing a great story. So before the weather gets too cold, I'm going to hole up in a cabin in the Iowa woods this week and try to get a feel for Insomniac, the sequel to my last story, Sleepwalker.

This Week's Deal
To ensure plenty of readers reap the benefits of my traipse through the cornfields, I'm hoping to encourage as many of you as possible to pick up a copy of Sleepwalker. Enter the promo code that matches your preferred file type for 10% off Sleepwalker:

Wish me grand adventures in my kittycorner neighbor state, Iowa! I have no doubt I'll discover the seeds of a good story.

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Oct. 4th, 2010 10:46 am (UTC)
One of the many things I appreciate about you and your writing is the research that you do - sometimes purposely and sometimes you just seem to recognize a unique situation/opportunity when it unexpectedly smacks you in the face.

I love hearing about your forays - the midwest is certainly ripe for such things (I'm from Ohio, though I live in CT now) - unlike you though, I probably would have bought a bunch of useless stuff from that cool "junky" store that you went to.

We have a fairly remote cabin and love to go there (no TV, no computer, no cell phone service - no outside communication at all but an old radio) - though I've noticed I sleep a lot better there - so yeah, um, good luck with the insomniac thing.

Looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.

Oct. 4th, 2010 11:34 am (UTC)
I think I hadn't realized how different various parts of the country were until my recent trip to Vegas. Up until then, I could look at cities as being "pretty much like Chicago" or Niagara Falls or Madison or Buffalo or Milwaukee...or the rural areas outside those cities. But when the plane was landing in Vegas, I felt like I was flying into a post-apocalypse wasteland. These poor people have no lakes (or trees or clouds or farms or grass.) It's just a big, brown crater. And I'd been there before, maybe twenty years ago. But I didn't really look or notice things back then, I guess.

I think I only had $4 in my pocket that day at Crazy Frank's, so I wasn't too tempted ;-)

Getting out into the world is a very conscious decision to keep refilling the well and prevent burnout, because I'm a homebody and I'd be content to just hang out here. Every full-time writer really needs to make time to do it, I think.

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