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Did I mention I suck at home dec?

Most people who come to my house notice I'm very bad at decorating. Even men notice...and you know it's bad when straight guys notice. I think it has to do with my priorities. I know plenty of people who do very cool things on a tight budget because they put a lot of mental energy into their homes, and a lot of work, and they're always on the lookout for cool bargains that will go with their vision.

I'm really half-assed about decorating and I don't want to spend either money or time. And it totally shows.

The curtains in my living room were particularly embarrassing, though, these bizarre muslin things I made 10 years ago that never hung right, and are now stained, with awful plastic roller-shades beneath them. So I got myself a treat and bought some bamboo blinds. Yeah, I know they're not considered a fancy window treatment by any stretch of the imagination...but I thought they'd be a nice masculine touch instead of curtains. (If I had my druthers I'd probably decorate with clean lines, deep, bold colors and lots of wood.)

I hung the big blind today. (72" wide, I think)

1. OMG okay I'm sick of hanging things, that sucked, I"m sweating and my arms hurt
2. Wow, the room looks really different

What's weird is that you can sort of see through the little slats, so you see into the back yard. And I'm at the foot of a hill, so you see green grass and shrubbery, mostly. But it's all moving in the breeze. There's light and motion on a wall where before there was nothing but some off-white plastic and stained muslin. Even the cats noticed!

The bamboo smells weird...I assume that'll go away eventually.

No pics...I gave away my bulky old camera and my new camera hasn't arrived yet. And I've never figured out how to get a photo off my cell phone ;-)



Aug. 21st, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
"colors go with other colors"

That's right! Colours go with each other. They have to. (Except for yellow and pink.) I hate colour schemes though. I mean, what if you find something outside the scheme? Is it not allowed? I've seen some people's houses where that seems to be the rule.

I like decorating but sometimes I get overwhelmed and just look at decorating magazines instead.

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