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One more way to dawdle

Dawdling vs. productivity. Hm. That's a hard one. I was working on an episode of Packing Heat and I decided to give Google Notebook a spin since I'd enjoyed Google Docs very much lately, but couldn't imagine how they could be different. They're both an online place to write stuff. Seemed the same.

No way! Google notebook lets you tag and sort, sort, sort. I'd almost call it a time waster, except I sat down Saturday morning and just plugged in plot after usable plot that I can now sort and filter to my heart's content. I guess that's the way of it when you discover a new toy. You wanna play with it.

Hop over to Packing Heat if you'd like to geek out with me over things like Post-Its. This week's show ran a little long, about 35 minutes.

In the "Dang, This Sucks!" category, I had a collision with a snowbank on Monday morning on my way to the day job. As accidents go, it was pretty fortunate. I didn't hit any people or vehicles, just the snowbank. The cop didn't give me a ticket. My auto club will probably reimburse me for the $150 tow (I hope.) I was in head/neck/shoulder pain for a couple of days, but my chiropractor worked hard on me yesterday morning and I feel pretty darn good today. My mechanic only charged me $20 to inspect for damage, and then changed the oil for me while my car was on the lift.

The accident happened in an extremely visible part of town -- Main Street. Guess it can't get more visible than that -- so one of the sucky things was all the cars going by, rubbernecking and smirking. I was stuck in the car because the doors were trapped shut by the snowbank. I just sat there watching everyone drive by and smirk, trying not to make eye contact. I knew I wasn't too badly hurt since I was trying to figure out how to work that embarrassment into PsyCop in the future.

That road was so slick that someone else went through the window of the phone company. So it could be worse. That could've been me.


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Feb. 13th, 2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
You are so bad for me -- when you posted about the Alphasmart I spent all night drooling over pics on the web. Now Google notebook -- I just downloaded it and now have to spend the rest of the day playing.

And... ooooh Post-it notes. Mmmm.

(Glad you're okay after the accident:D)
Feb. 13th, 2008 05:06 pm (UTC)
I think I'll use the Alphasmart even more once I set up my office. My plan is to have a deskless writing room with a cushy loveseat, a broad coffee table, and a bunch of bookshelves. (Maybe a filing cabinet, haven't decided.) The Alphasmart will be great with a dedicated spot like that in which to use it.

I'm intrigued that Google Notebook was something you downloaded. I had been using it online. Now I have to look at it some more! (I might like it even better if I didn't have to be online to access it. Sometimes my network is slow.)
Feb. 13th, 2008 05:11 pm (UTC)
Oh I love the sound of your office -- I want one!!

I think Google Notebook only downloads onto your browser, so I think you have to be online. But I don't know yet -- I just love shiny new toys :D
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