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What a relief, the paperback files have been submitted to the printer and the PsyCop Briefs paperback is on schedule. (Might even hit the shelves a little sooner than the ebook at this rate.)

Here's the ebook preorder on Amazon for summary, list of contents and so on. Also, I get a kick out of the fact that when I search PsyCop Briefs on amazon, it shows me a bunch of underpants.

Ebook release date is October 11. Audio scheduling is in the works. Yay!

You've got questions...

What do you do when your Netflix won't stop buffering? Why is your cat making that noise? How do you get rid of mayo stains???

Ask Vic!

Ask Vic #1

Ask Vic #2

Why, oh why, is food so complicated?

My adventures in community supported agriculture, plus news on The Starving Years in audio, in this month's JCP News :-)

Feed yo' face! With bananas.

I'm on a banana kick lately. I was visiting Dev Bentham and had one in the car with me, and it was all overripe and kind of gross, and she suggested I freeze it and eat it that way. So I did. And it was interesting! Actually, she told me it was like eating ice cream, and while I wouldn't go that far, I'd allow that it does taste like some weird natural ice cream substitute bar from the health food store. And it's cheap!

Peel them, stick them on a plate and freeze them. Once they're frozen I put them in a baggie. Less messy to eat sliced up. But sometimes I just gnaw on the whole frozen thing like a caveman...with a freezer...and access to bananas.

I took on a new responsibility teaching a water aerobics class, and it kind of kicks my ass (not gonna lie.) While I realize the amount of potassium in a banana is kind of overrated*, according to this article, they're better for you post-workout than Gatorade.

*legumes, baked potatoes and leafy greens are better sources


Mr. Perfect would not approve

Recently I became a Historical Society member. I was a bit baffled when I finally received my membership materials, because whoever did the data entry on their end made not one, not two, but three mistakes in my address. I’m actually shocked it ended up in my mailbox. Read the rest of this month's JCP News, and get a progress report on my writerly goings on, too!

On writing...Crash

Character voice involves more than just word choice. What's it like to write from Crash's perspective? Find out in this month's JCP News

Hear Victor Bayne take on the FPMP

Vic and Jacob go to great lengths to maintain a harmonious home. While the cannery is huge, it’s grown difficult to avoid the elephant in the room…the elephant with the letters FPMPscrawled on its hide.

12 hours of thrills and chills—another riveting performance by the voice of Vic, Gomez Pugh.

Buy At Amazon
Also available at Audible, coming soon to iTunes

What Listeners are Saying

"One of the things that I find very interesting is the author's choice of narrator. Specifically, I think Gomez Pugh has captured Vic's and Jacob's personalities perfectly. He also does a great job with the secondary characters." - Denise

"As Denise said, he has captured Vic and Jacob perfectly, but he also has captured Chicago, the pace and personality of the city comes through. His voices are distinct and they bring the characters to life in a way that reading alone doesn't always." - Allison

"Now whenever I reread my favorite JCP books, I automatically 'hear' Gomez Pugh. He is the perfect combination of masculine and snark, with perfection in suspense and dry humor. Immaculate timing in his vocal resonance." - Sherry

"I love the voices that Gomez uses for all his characters..they fit so well." - Lee

No One Likes a Crooked Head

So I was reading this delightful blog post on burnout (Chuck Wendig has such an enviable voice) and especially adored the line, "Writing sometimes feels like digging ditches, but you have to remember: it’s you digging ditches in a magical fantasy land that you control."

It got me to thinking about goals. It's a perennial discussion I have with my writing friends. My main quantifiable goal was to quit my day job. And after that, goals began feeling counterproductive. I've given up saying "I will write a novel in x-amount of months" because all that does is force a shitty, unpublishable novel out of me and make me miserable.

Some of my writing pals have certain monetary goals, or bestseller lists they want to hit. None of those goals lit me up. I clearly remember a cluster of us standing there in a parking lot earnestly describing what we wanted, and I blurted out, "My goal is to get my head on straight."

Hypnosis, meditation, therapy. Maybe some of it helps. I'm in a really good spot right now, that's freaking exciting.

As far as I can tell, what helped inspire me the most is to watch another author—Sean Platt—working hard and sharing his process without bragging about any milestones he's met. I don't know his typical wordcount (which undoubtedly smokes mine), I don't know how much money he makes (ditto), and we're not on the same charts so I don't need to watch him trouncing me. But I have a perception that he and the rest of his team are "successful" (there's a slippery definition, right?) and listening to him podcast about his daily writing discipline has inspired me to show up early, show up fully, and don't check my damn email or facebook until I'm happy I've got a fat chunk written the mojo's exhausted for the day. Once I slide out of creative-mind, it's gone for the day and I get sucked into admin, social media and correspondence.

What about you, what do you find motivational?

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