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If you're curious about what's going on with me or my work, I would LOVE to send you a newsletter! I send a few different types of email newsletter. JCP News is the monthly big email with articles, links and recommendations that comes out the 15th of each month. The Quick Link email will alert you if I have a new book out. Saturday Snippet is a fun quickie with a story quote, deleted scene, flash fic or other small goodie that I'll send on a Saturday (but not the same week as the monthly JCP News so as not to bombard you.)  The Weekly Coupons is a bit of a misnomer, since I actually run coupons for JCP Books on the 5th and 25th nowadays. And the News about Majenta is for those of you interested in my m/f erotica!

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JCP News October 2015

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It's newsletter time!

What's black and red and swarming all over? Check out the newsletter and see.

Other important info:
Where to find me at GRL
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And as always, free ebook winners :-)


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For years now I've been so eager to have something translated into German. Now it's happening!

Unter den Lebenden (PsyCop1, translated by Feliz Faber) is coming out November 18.

Are you super-eager to get your hands on it? I have a limited number of Advance Reader Copies (Vorausexemplar!) available. All I ask in return for an ARC is a fair and honest review on Amazon when the book comes out.

Send me an email at with the following for an ARC: your Amazon name (so I won't pester you to post a review if you've already done it) and your preference of a mobi or an epub.

Also, you can pre-order the ebook now!

Pre-order at
Pre-order at
Pre-order at



The Awesomeness of Seattle

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I'm back and somewhat recovered from my sojourn in Seattle where I participated in the Gay Romance Northwest Meetup. I can't say enough good things about GRNW and the way they're connecting bookstores and libraries with gay romance. Even more importantly, they're informing a public who presumes they are simply not represented in books that yes, it's now OK for the gay protagonists to have their HEAs.
(Getting ready for our keynote with EE Ottoman, Rick Reed, me and Radclyffe)

Out of respect for folks who may not have wanted their pic online, I daubed out all the detail, but I just wanted to say hooray and look at the fantastic turnout for our keynote! We had a veritable mob show up at our University Book Store reading the night before, seriously, it was at least 60 people, standing room only, and customers coming over to see what we were doing and why we were having so much fun. (Note to self: bring more books next time.)


New PsyCop Flash Fic

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Don't miss the new PsyCop flash fic in today's JCP News!

What's that by your head?

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I try to keep up my Photoshop chops by watching videos. Right now (in addition to trying to figure out how to use my iPhone via a SEVEN HOUR COURSE) I've started a course on restoring and colorizing old photos. The instructor was talking about painting out distracting elements. And in this example...
Everyone he showed it to said, "Why is there an IPAD next to Roosevelt's head???"


Five off Five at JCP Books

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It's September 5th
So I thought I'd re-trigger my most popular coupon - the five off five.

Today's special
Enjoy 5% off your purchase of $5 or more at JCP Books, even the already deeply-discounted bundles.

Good ONLY through September 6, 2014.

Use the code:

Shop at JCP Books!


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The thunder was absolutely bombastic in the wee hours of the morning. I decided to have my walk somewhere the ground wasn't soggy, somewhere with a paved path.
Hm. Time for an alternate route.

Are You Busy?

In the Dark
Right now I'm ruminating on the phrase "Are you busy?"

I used to have a co-worker who approached me with that line whenever she needed something. And at my last day job, I was always busy. So busy that the person who replaced me couldn't do all the work, and they had to take away several of the duties and divide them among three other staff members! So really, the answer was, yes, I was busy. Always. However, I also valued this co-worker's projects and would want to either make time to do them myself, or find some suggestion to help her do them well without me. I developed the answer, "Tell me what you need," rather than a response to the actual question. But because I was delivering it in person, she could tell that I actually meant it, I did want to know what she needed to see if I could help. I wasn't being a jerk.

But when total strangers IM me with "Are you busy?" it frankly feels like entrapment.

When someone wants me to be involved in or contribute to or join something, what I want is a layout of what the project is and what I'd need to do. A proposal. Not a cryptic IM out of the blue that just says "Are you busy?"

I'm working on the fight-or-flight response this question is triggering in me. I'd also like a good, standard answer. Maybe one that I'll make a macro of and just drop in so I'm not emotionally engaged by the entrapment-feeling. The generous part of me feels like it's a way of saying, "I have something to ask you but I don't want to bother you with details unless I get the go-ahead from you." And if I'd feel bad to bite their heads off if that was where they were coming from. Maybe they don't realize it backfires, and giving me the facts briefly is a lot less disconcerting than lobbing a weird question as to my availability.

Are any of you cornered with this question regularly? How do you handle it?


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