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Reading on the Cheap

Initially, I was going to post a link to the Cyber Monday sale on Kindle Unlimited, figuring that maybe some of you are so fed up with the emails that you’re just deleting them all without looking. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was important for me to talk about what I’m getting out of KU myself.

With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can check out as many as 10 books at a time from a library of the books that are enrolled in the program. Is every book available? No, especially not in M/M. This is because Amazon demands exclusivity from smaller publishers to participate in the program, and many of us prefer to have our titles available more widely available.

So, if you prefer to read primarily M/M, it’s best to look at whether you would find enough titles you’re interested in to make the subscription fee worth your while.

I tend to read more broadly. I read a lot of urban fantasy and thrillers. So, for me, Kindle Unlimited is a big deal. A few things I’ve read and enjoyed include:


The Pines

The Paper Magician
These were all Whispersynch titles, which meant I could flow back and forth between reading them and playing them as audios. I absolutely love this flexibility.

And as a publisher, I placed some of my ebook titles on Kindle unlimited to test the waters.

The Starving Years

Hue, Tint and Shade

I'm a slow reader. I've subscribed to ebook services before and never felt I was getting my $8-$10 worth out of the deal every month. But KU has enough variety and format to actually increase the amount of fiction I enjoy and I easily get my money's worth, and more.

As far as I know, this deal—up to 40% off—is only available in the United States, and only today. Check it out here.

Titles, please!

Readers, put your thinking caps on! I need a title for an M/M book that could be either a thriller or an urban fantasy. Lou Harper and I are going to do a mashup of exquisite corpse meets digital book cover designer. She and I have each selected a subject and a background, you guys suggest a title! Make sure it can work for either thriller or urban fantasy, we'll be mocking up two different styles. And we have very different taste and a huge amount of respect for each other, so this will be interesting!!

Cover Art and Typography

Today I took a trip to the library to see if I could clarify some ideas for a couple of covers I'll be working on in the near future. I don't even know exactly where to look. One cover needs to look sexy and paranormal but a bit wry, and the other one maybe dreamier and slightly sci fi but not with aliens or Godzillas or anything. Yeah, I know, it would be a lot easier if I just wrote in an obvious genre.

Here's some of the stuff that caught my eye today, and why.

We can start with a weird typographical thing I noticed. I snapped a pic of this book with my phone then came home and found a better image on GR. But the typography was rearranged so that the very thing I really liked about it was stripped away. So I dug deeper and...

More big photos await...Collapse )

What's your favorite cover among these? What do you think is the element that draws you to it? Is it a genre you typically read?


JCP News November 2015

How much car accidents suck, and more, in this month's JCP News.


God save the Queen

Queen ClareComfort food for me is mac and cheese. Lasagana. Quesadillas. Basically anything with melted cheese on it, I'm there. But Clare London's got a thing for Dairy Queen.

I haven't yet figured out why. Don't get me wrong, I think they're good. But I really don't get THIS excited about hitting the Dairy Queen.

It makes it really easy to keep her happy when she visits me.

But now she's back home in London and I'm here, Clare-less. Sigh.

All New JCP Interview, come see!

Prism Book Alliance is spotlighting my Channeling Morpheus series today, and they've reviewed several more of my backlist titles as well. What a big treat!

There's also an all-new interview with me that may pique your interest.

New reviews of my "classic" stories Hemovore, Sleepwalker, Hue Tint and Shade, and Starlight (this is a real oldie, the second m/m story of mine that was ever published, in a print anthology called Blood Lust in 2005.)

The other day I was thinking that it's a shame that so many of my ideas are not novel-sized ideas, since my perception is that readers don't connect to shorter stories. And then I get a review like this for Fire Thief and it allows me to rethink my preconceptions. Very cool. 

My GRL schedule and a PsyCop snippet!

Will you be joining me in San Diego this week at the GayRomLit Retreat? If so, here are the places you can definitely find me. I’ll try to make the late night parties too but sometimes I get so tuckered out with the excitement of the convention I fall asleep embarrassingly early :D

Click here for my schedule, plus a snippet from my new PsyCop novella Everyone's Afraid of Clowns, avaiable exclusively in the Charmed and Dangerous anthology!


Going to GRL? Don't miss this pre-order!

PayPal sent me a credit card slider to use with my iPad, and I've gotta admit, selling books with it was easy and fun! I manned my own table at GRNW and the slider was easy enough to handle while having conversations and signing autographs.

If you're going to GRL, there are a few ways you can buy paperbacks from me. I'll have some available at the GRL IndiePub table in the bookseller's room. (I'll also be co-running the table at 10 am - 11am Thursday, Friday and Saturday if you want to stop and chat.)

I'll also sell them at my book signing slot, Saturday 12:30 to 3:30

But the best way to make sure I have the title you really want is to pre-order. I'm also offering exclusive bundle deals and a coupon for the pre-orders. I'm taking orders through tomorrow night, then I've gotta hit the "go" button and have the order printed in time for the convention.

Pre-order here


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